What you need to know on denture care

Did you know that close to 1 in 6 Canadians wear either complete or partial dentures? Wearing dentures may take some getting used to, but with a little patience and pratice, you too will feel confident and secure with you dentures.

Eating Well with Dentures

Eating will take a little pratice, especially for the first time denture wearers. Start with softer foods cut into small pieces to develop a "feel" for chewing with dentures. Patient that experience a lot of tipping or movement of their dentures examined closely. With all the options avalibale for ensuring a proper fit, there is no reason that you cannot enjoy a normal balanced and varied diet without discomfort or embarrassment.

Speaking Well with Dentures

Pronouncing certain words may require practice. Reading out loud and repeating difficult words will help in overcoming any minor speech problems. Your tongue and muscle in the floor of the mouth require time and practice to adapt to any changes in tooth positioning and extensions that have been made with the new dentures. If the speech defficulties persist, then consult your Denturist.

Looking After your Dentures

You need to care for complete dentures and partial dentures as carefully as you would look after natural teeth.
  • Daily brushing and soaking are essential to prevent plaque buildup and to keep dentures looking their best.
  • Take them out every night. Brush your teeth and gums carefully, using a soft toothbrush. Be sure to clean and massage your gums. If your toothbrush hurts you, run it under warm water to make it softer OR try using a finger wrapped in a clean, damp cloth.
  • Soak them overnight. They can be soaked in a special cleaner for false teeth (denture cleanser), in warm water or in a mix of warm water and vinegar (half and half). If your denture has metal clasps, use warm water only for soaking. Soaking will loosen plaque and tartar. They will then come off more easily when you brush.

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