Complete Dentures

  • Complete Denture is a removable dental prosthesis that replaces all of the natural teeth in the maxillary or mandibular dental arch. The denture is usually made of methyl methacrylate and is completely supported by the mouth tissues. Also called full denture.
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  • How Full Dentures are made?
  • There are several appointments needed to construct a full denture.

    At the first appointment, first impressions are taken. Special custom made impression trays need to be made by using the first impressions taken.

    The second appointment for secondary impressions will be needed before we can go on to the next step. The denturist will use the impressions to make plaster casts. A wax base is then made from the cast.

    At the third appointment, the relationship between the upper and lower jaw needs to be recorded in the wax base that now sits on the plaster cast. When this is done we know where to place the teeth on the denture. Also the color and shape of teeth are recorded.

    At the fourth appointment, the denturist make up a full wax denture and it is tried in to see if you like the colour and shape of the teeth. Any alterations in colour or shape can be changed at this point however a further appointment will be needed to ensure you like the changes before we can go on to the last appointment.

    At the last appointment, the denture is fitted in the mouth and is checked to ensure you are evenly biting and there are no areas of discomfort.

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